Become a member

Before you can become affiliated with the ISOC Philadelphia Area Chapter, you must first join the Internet Society (ISOC).

NOTE: If you join ISOC as a Global Member, membership is free. If you join as a Sustaining Member, the annual fee is $75.00. (Please see for an explanation of both membership levels.)

Step 1: Join the Internet Society (ISOC)

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Join online now” link (under the Individuals heading). A screen displays with Enter user information highlighted.
  3. Type your personal info in the Account Information and Contact Information sections. Complete the Additional Information section as required.
  4. Click the Next Step button.
    A screen displays showing Select Membership Level. This screen gives you an opportunity to join as a Global Member (free of charge) or as a Sustaining Member (US $75/year).
  5. Click either the “Global” or “Sustaining” radio button.
  6. Click the Next Step button.
    A screen displays with Select Chapters highlighted.
  7. Scroll down the list of Chapters to select the US Philadelphia Chapter
  8. Under the “Tell me more!” column, click (check) the checkbox to the left of the ISOC Philadelphia Chapter which you’re interested in joining.
  9. Click the Finish button.
    A screen displays the following message:
    Thanks for expressing interest in joining ISOC chapters! A chapter representative will be contacting you soon to discuss joining the indicated chapter(s). Please note that indicating interest in a chapter does not mean automatic enrollment - the chapter representative will explain the exact membership terms for his or her chapter in detail.

Step 2: Become Affiliated With the ISOC Philadelphia Area Chapter

Once you have successfully joined ISOC, a representative from the ISOC Philadelphia Area Chapter will contact you via email with instructions on how to join the ISOC Philadelphia Area Chapter. You will also be provided information about the Chapter and the opportunities it presents its members, as well as meeting locations, times, and other Chapter events.

When this complete, you are officially a member of ISOC Philadelphia!